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From the Presidents Desk

Elections are going to be occurring for three open board positions in the month of May.  Please reach out to any current board member if you have any interest.  We’re here to serve as well as to see to the well being of the club, and this is a leadership role that you can choose to occupy to help.  As a leader is someone who creates and inspires a vision of the future, that helps motivate, manage and inspire people to engage with that vision to create something new, we create a better club. 

We have some great social and competitive events coming up soon.  One of importance that I’d like to see more attendance at is the Columbus Speedway event on June 15th.  Since this is one of the closer Low Speed events for our club, I’d like to encourage anyone that likes participating in these events, to come attend.  It would be nice to see more WCC members also participating in these types of events.  

Additionally, if anyone is interested in hosting events, please let us know.  The more, the better! As always, Save the Wave