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Meet the Wisconsin Corvette Club Board Members

Elected Officers

Christopher Milewski Sr., President

I have been around Corvettes my entire child-hood, as I grew up with a step-father owning 5 different year cars while I still lived at home.  My favorite memory was my step-dad driving down some old abandoned roads reaching speeds over 100 mph and thinking, this is so awesome!

Unfortunately, owning a Corvette was not a privilege I had until 2010 when I purchased a 2007 Lemans Blue Corvette.  I joined WCC shortly after, but didn’t go to any meetings or events until almost a year later.  I can’t believe all the fun I missed out on that year.  I have since learned of the great social, low-speed, caravans, after bash and many other events  the club members host and participate in.  I have made many new friends because of these fun events.  I was also fortunate enough to inherit a 1964 Corvette which I’ve driven in many great adventures.

I continued to be awe struck by their elegance and the many joys these magnificent creations offer.  I am glad to see Corvettes enjoyed by Men, Women, and FCOA’s.  I hope everyone feels the same way and at some point has a chance to participate in their own great social experience this car offers.

Mike Thate, Vice President

As with most people, a Corvette was always a dream car of mine to own. I purchased my first one in 1981. I have owned several since then—currently co-owning both a 1992 and 2003 –both convertibles with 6 speed manual transmissions—my wife-Chris states it’s not a Sport Car without a stick. Chris gave me a membership to the Wisconsin Corvette Club as a birthday present many years ago.

Since joining WCC, I have held various positions in the Club both as an officer and chairperson of different committees. WCC offers its members many ways to enjoy their Corvettes. But the best thing about the Club in my opinion is the friendships I have made with others club members. I would not have met these people without being a member—it is amazing how a love of a Car can bring people together.

Babs Brand, Secretary

I saw my first Corvette in 1957.  My dad thought it was sharp, but alas not very practical for a family of three.  Obtaining a Corvette became a goal. I purchased my first one in 1975 (and the only one of the several I have had that was purchased new) and joined WCC shortly afterward, after sending my husband to check it out first in case the club was the Corvette equivalent of Hells Angels.  A week later we went on our first competitive Rallye and earned a trophy and I was hooked.  Over the years, I have been Checkpoint editor, Rallye organizer, Secretary and President while meeting a lot of great people.  Loved every minute of it!

Ed Cassel, Treasurer

Ed’s bio is coming soon.

Board Members (Left to Right)

Back Row (Left to Right)

Mike Thate: Vice President, Competition, Checkpoint, Membership

Jim Sanborn

Kate Sanborn

Ed Cassel: Treasurer, NCCC Governor

Christopher Milewski: President

Front Row (Left to Right)

Carol Allison: Social Activities

Chris Thate 

Rose Schmitt: Event Registration

Babs Brand: Secretary, Webmaster